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Things to Know

10 Things to Remember:

1. Largest RNA virus genome

2. A cause of the common cold syndrome

3. SARS and MERS -- Possible pandemic virus

4. Translational frameshifting as method of translating polymerase

5. Subgenomic RNAs on 3’ end that are individually regulated and encode other proteins

6.  No vaccine nor antivirals

7. Spike glycoprotein determines tropism

8. Globally distributed

9. Zoonotic disease

10. Easily transmitted via respiratory route

5 New Findings:

1. R for MERS-CoV is between 0.8 and 1.3

2. At least 62% of human cases of MERS-CoV were not detected.

3. Anti-MERS-CoV antibodies have been found in the serum and milk of camels in the Middle East.

4. IFN-β and/or MPA  may be beneficial in treating MERS-CoV

5. Bone marrow stromal antigen 2 is a SARS Coronavirus antagonist; yet it is regulated by SARS-CoV ORF7a.

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Additional References

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